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Zodiac on the Painted Cave Ceiling

audio visual performance

Video performance made for Heinouys Whining.

"Core of the Coalman (Jorge Boehringer) solo performance from Heinous Whining #4 April 18th, 2020, a web-based performance event that was

hosted on Twitch and curated by Territorial Gobbing/Theo Gowans (THANKS THEO!!!) Other pieces and performances were by:

Howard Stelzer,

J Soliday

Het Hekt

Wild Rani

Arboles Mentirosos

Tristian Burfield

Ian Watson

Vinyl Dinosaur

Core of the Coalman is the name scratched onto the cover of Jorge Boehringer's solo performance project. Continuity and discontinuity for a person, some instruments, and circuits feeding back within an environment"

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