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Night Coats

collaborative performance with Eleanor Cully

This is the second of two pieces/performances

presented by Kneeling Coats on Isolated Mass #4

April 13th 2020 via the Telegram app..

Other performances, sound and video pieces

presented that night were by (some of our favorite artists!)

Karen Constance, Alex Drool, Teignmouth Electron, Plastic Containers of Nothing, Yoni Silver, Eran Sachs, Yol, David Opp/Giblet Gusset, Hairs Abyss,X E M P O R I U M, and COMA †‡† KULTUR ƩNĐ ϴF DΔYS

Kneeling Coats Is writers of book about walking around. We

mostly walk around Western York Shire and the

Sunny South Pennines. Lately, because we have been remaining at home a lot, we have been exploring our inner Pennines, expanding them. We have also tape recorded our inner York Shires and listen forward to sharing them with our no-audience. 🍯✨

in real life we are composer, artist, and musician Eleanor Cully and Jorge Boehringer, an experimental artist who also performs solo sound as Core of the Coalman:

Thanks so much to KK/Giblet Gusset who curated this wonderful web event in these times of isolation!

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