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sounds for listening to empty rooms

sounds for empty rooms

music for emptiness or

empty rooms

empty rooms for sound or

rooms for empty sound or

empty sounds for rooms


I made a synthesiser and plotted a trajectory that it followed in its own way. I threw away something. I listened to the rain on the window on the roof. I went down the wooden ladder. I recorded all this as it was happening, to a four track tape, then flipped it over and did it again. The wooden ladder creaked. The wind outside drove the rain into the window, which smashed its particles on the glass. Sine waves with smooth envelopes don’t mind which direction they flow in, and neither do I. I am partial to phasing. These partials are phasing. They only half exist. Throw something else away. I suppose some of the rain is reversed too. A similar thing happened again. Twice and then both times. Where mixed together. Not thrown away. Instead, later: played back.


flip it over

released November 6, 2020

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