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In Warmer Seasons

composition for for soprano, flute, and guitar

In Warmer Seasons

10 minutes for Soprano, Flute, and Guitar

programme note:

In Warmer Seasons proposes that individual trajectories between the parts of the ensemble can form an ecological whole. Here, three musicians play parts which occupy distinct process-trajectories developing at their own individual rates. Despite a shared eight-minute duration, meter, conductor, or other ensemble-wide time standard used in the piece. Instead, each player follows their own variable time standard as delivered by a click track, and they play in response to the changing skin of the experienced moment. Coincidental but nontrivial interactions result from a design logic applied on the scale of the individual parts. This approach gives preference to the ongoing process of surprise and discovery through direct aural experience on the part of both performers and audience, over a desire for perfection of an abstract musical idea or structure. Similar sentiment is celebrated by Lucretius inOn the Nature of Things: "Nothing in the body is made in order that we may use it.What happens to exist is the cause of its use.”

In Warmer Seasons was written for tracensemble, who were guest artists at the University last year.

tracesemble is a trio of musicians, performing in this piece as soprano voice (Peyee Chen), c-flute

(Alba Bru), and nylon string guitar (Diego Castro Magas). Each musician additionally performed

with a small wooden percussion instrument. The piece is ten minutes long. Musicians read from

the provided parts, and rely on the provided click tracks for temporal orientation as delivered via

headphones. Each part exists, for the performer, independently of the others. There is no score

used for this piece, only the parts here provided.

a video from the first performance should appear somewhere on this page.

St Pauls Hall, Huddersfield, March 17, 2016:

Some listeners might be interested in the sung text:

the car was recovered

as beach-goers,

finishing formalities before fading away

having been warned

oh my!

jump toward the moon in warmer seasons


stay away from the coast

we don't want you


salty channels run into craters and canyons

during comes with having form and being

high tide for nineteen years


jump up and down

run into craters and canyons

beachgoers are being warned to stay far away before fading

as conditions formalize

teenage girls

running into canyons and craters

exclaim "oh my god!"

and exclaim

"warm seasons affect the weather"

beach-goers therefore jump up and down

causing high tides

in coastal canyons, fading

before conditions cool

jump up and down


once he had gone the supermoon caused the highest tides anyone had seen for nineteen years

on the moon

or on


where water flows

from beneath

from canyons

it was recovered

but the van had to wait

for warmer winds

teen age canyons

fade before conditions

cool and formalize

into craters

jump up and down

highest tides

the car was recovered

but the van must wait

until the tide recedes

during warmer seasons

the moon conditions


who are warned not to go out

salty crater, before fading away

wait for warmer seasons

on the coast and lacking any formaility the moon conditions teenage tides

and on mars salty channels form during warms seasons before exclaiming oh my

salty channels become coastal plains during warmer seasons

running down craters and canyons

super moon


super high tides

teenagers exclaim

oh my god

beach-goers must wait

for the tide

the moon conditions

oh my god

the teenagers exclaimed

finish the formalities

before fading away

having been warned,

jump to the moon

until the water recedes

you will have to wait

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