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Everything is Happening At One Time

for oboe alone, but with electronics


Everything is Happening at One Time is an ongoing project that started when I began writing an oboe solo for Peter Veale, who was visiting the University of Huddersfield, during my first year as a student. Although we have not completed our collaborative work on the piece as of yet, working on this piece both inspired and provided the first material manifestations of several of the technical explorations that characterize my portfolio work.

The first movement of this piece provided the earliest manifestation of the process that later became diagonal metamorphism, present in many more of my works from my research period and included in my portfolio. The third movement is characterized by a constant expansion of time over an iterating motive, and as such presents a simple example of the elastic and sculptural approach to time that is discussed in Chapter 2 of my PhD commentary. The approach to dealing with electronics for live performance likewise characterizes several of my recent works, in that, the electronics provide temporal reference material for use by the performer, while simultaneously synthesizing and processing live sound.

Everything is currently being revised (again). Eventually both score and electronic patch will become available.

Download PDF • 659KB

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