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Building Dwelling Thinking

compositions for concertmate 7000

Dwelling is a group of short, keyboard pieces that use bounded improvisation to open up interesting sound spaces for listening. This was written for a Core of the Coalman set at Northern Quarter in Huddersfield in which I performed opening up for the wonderful Flower-Corsano duo. Many thanks to Nick Mitchell for inviting me to perform on this concert.

his piece could easily be adapted to other keyboards or digital modelling, however the Concertmate 700 (which I like to call Concertmate 7000 because it the extra zero makes it sound that much more futuristic) offers several particularities that are essential for this piece. In particular the fact that the volume slider is continuous, rather than discrete in its movement is an essential and surprisingly rare feature on inexpensive digital keyboards.

But here is a recording of the first movement, Building:

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