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“Inches, feet” quoth Begonia Ploy: a compendium of Techniques for Bonobos (with additional remarks)

environmental sound situation

I am lacking proper documentation for this piece so this page is something of a placeholder. I expect I will uncover something eventually. In the meantime:

This was a sound installation created for a Bacon Jam show at Koffee Kabin in Huddersfield, UK, perhaps 2015.

It was as a satirical presentation of the extensive and amazing audio examples from

The techniques of oboe playing = Die Spieltechnik der Oboe : a compendium with additional remarks on the whole oboe family by Peter Veale and Mahnkopf, Claus-Steffen

​In this work the sound examples from their book were placed into concert with one another,

and spatialized in different parts of the room, hidden under the couch and tables and so forth.

Oboe everywhere, and forever.​

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