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Editorial Note to Issue 1, 02022020:

You are reading the fine print.  Meanwhile, we have issues and they are multiple.  They should emerge over the next few months like whispers, like screams, and like less elusive media: picture postcards from a permanent holiday.  Living lullabies, recipes, academic treatises...This magazine or set of publications in whatever media is an exhibition that unfolds in the time you take with it,

the different pages like different rooms or parts of rooms, they can also be different rooms on different days.


This first issue, if it has a theme might be to moult.  Rhyming with tumult, and meaning to shed the skin in transformation. 
Everyone is doing it these days, lets do it too.

And what is it that we say while moulting?




whats that?

no yes no yeah yeah


Many thanks to the artists in these pages and those to follow who have let me exhibit their work to you.  This project has taken forever and they have been extremely patient.  I also owe a HUGE dept of gratitude to the Making Space in Huddersfield, a cooperatively run workspace that I got to be part of while I was there and who helped me fund this project and what coming.  In time we are making space.

Jorge Boehringer 

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