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Twice Stepped In Still Waters

performing stillness as public environment

Twice Stepped In Still Waters is a variable length performance for soloist and live electronic sound.

The performer sits before or within the audience, becoming as still as possible in mind and body. A bank of electroencephalography (EEG) sensors worn on the head collect data from the performer. The performer also holds a small white box. The box is supported from beneath with the tips of the fingers of both hands. The box contains a device housing three accelerometers, oriented orthogonally in three dimensions. Data from the accelerometers and EEG sensors are transmitted to a computer running Pure Data (Pd) for further processing, sonification, and output to loudspeakers. Currently, the piece is performed in stereo, while a version for flexible output on a variety of spatial sound systems is in development.

(note: this paragraph is also the first paragraph in a forthcoming publication about this piece, I will link to that as soon as it is out, meanwhile I would be happy to come play the piece to your local audience!)

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