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The Balloon Problem

collaborative experimental system

Installation by Eleanor Cully and Jorge Boehringer from the Prague, Czech Republic exhibition CyberSpace # 2017. This was one of many pieces presented in an exhibition of works created during a weeklong workshop investigating new conceptual and technical approaches to art making. The workshop was directed by Pascal Silondi and was a cooperative effort by Libat (CZ/FR) and Prague College (CZ). Special thanks to Jakub Grosz for the balloons and the University of Huddersfield for the contact mics!

Part of #cyberspace2017 was a workshop, an open atelier, and a collaborative installation with Eleanor Cully, Jakub Grosz, Pascal Silondi, and students of Prague College

Exhibition of the immersive and interactive Art installations created in situ during The CyberSpace Workshop 2017. It will combine contemporary Arts and technologies with experimental and new electronic artistic forms of expression.

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