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T Zero: another 1 over the square root of one minus v squared over t squared

composition for chamber orchestra and vocalists, with lights

an orchestral work that involved sandstones and living room lights in addition to standard orchestral instruments:

the percussions at the beginning are sandstones, and later in the piece lamps whose clicking off and on created a similar effect, in counterpoint with the light they produced

unfortunately like many other works from this time, I do not have much record of this.

perhaps after I am able to retrieve my things from california one day...

I have a recording of the first movement here:

here is the first movement of this piece originally commissioned by Ensemble, Inc and performed in Baruch Hall, NYC, 2003. The score here may not appear to exactly match what you hear at a particular moment, but it is a sort of "cloud-construction" score, so creates simultaneously unfolding trajectories across several pages. Linearity is to be avoided. Each performance varies in terms of individual event duration and relationships of simultaneity, but pitch events are more consistent.

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