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Spacetime Spirals for Robert Smithson

photographic installation

Unfortunately, a lot of information and even the scores of some of my earlier works are lost, suspended like in Leland Palmer in the Black Lodge. I hope to make a trip to California and try to recover some of this stuff someday. In the meantime, I will place bits and pieces of recordings, scores, and documentations here as placeholders. The complete picture may yet emerge, for me as much as for anyone else!

This piece was a photocollage that consisted of two parallel lines of small photograph mounted on the wall horizontally one above the other. The lines were about three meters long and documented a long dry across the desert in Utah (I think). The idea was that they became a way of marking time, and visually were apprehendable from two directions at once, which created a sculptural situation that reminded me of the work of Smithson in many ways.

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