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Something About the Water Here

sound image composition

An audio visual piece created for the Camp Mountain Music Festival (CMMF). The piece is composed of recordings and photographs taken in and on the way to (and from) Aulus-les-Bains in the French Pyrenees, along with the sound of a stranger performing Beethoven on a public piano in an airport, and public domain recordings of readings of poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, and synthesized sound.

CAMP.FR is a small art school/residency programme located in Aulus-les-Bains providing high level technical workshops and instructions for artists and explorers. I collected the materials for this piece while delivering a seminar there called Banal Magic: Strategies for Improvising the Everyday as part of a larger course on Deep Listening, Improvisation, and Spatialized Sound help the week of 10-17/04/2019. for more information

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