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Natural Objects

fiction on tape

Released by the Nancy, France based musique label of performance, noise, radio, and recording artiste Nurdin William Nurdin William on his recording label RoHs (

This tape, titled Natural Objects, approximately one hour long tape consists of electronic music created in Czech Republic some time ago.

get it here, if it still exists:

As RoHs believes that it only makes sense to release “analog music” on analog formats like cassette, this recording follows an AAA approach, the only digital element in the entire production chain being the printer used to produce the cover and probably whatever machine produced the plastic for the tape.

Analog circuits, using analog processes, my body and that the body of Romano Krzych (who joined for the last track ‘Biofeedback’, microphones, movement, a viola, and maybe something else like harmonica were used to make the three pieces contained herein.

delivered wobbly and wrapped in plastic:

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