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Murder At Maybeck Manor

chamber quartet eaten by the wires

originally released on the mysterious Mexican record label Dolor Del Estamago, this recording consists of excerpts from a live chamber music concert which featured a new piece for Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxaphone, and Cello. For some reason this piece was called The Sunshine of Your Love, like the other famous song, but there was really nothing at all in common. The recordings from this concert were subsequently run them through a bank of pitch and amplitude sensitive of analog triggers which opened and closed serge and moog filters and triggered oscillators and feedback intrusions. Original titles are forgotten, hopefully temporarily...Good times!

features good friends Liz Albee (on trumpet), Matt Ingalls (whose birthday was yesterday, on clarinet), Theresa Wong (with cello) and Jon Ingle (all around the alto sax).

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