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Fans of Beethoven II

video music, documentary

This is a piece of video music about my sound installation Fans of Beethoven. Fans of Beethoven is a two channel audio installation to be installed in the performance area of spaces normally functioning as performance spaces. In particular, this video documents one installation of the piece at St Pauls Hall at the University of Huddersfield on April 20, 2018. It says 2017 on the video but that is wrong, in fact. Inspired by online discussions as to which movement is "the best," Fans of Beethoven repurposes recordings of several recent performances of Beethoven's Seventh Symphony to reveal the oft overlooked harmony of pure air in motion (as it was in Teplice when Beethoven was writing this piece). The imagery you see here, as is the case with the raw material of the audio used, was sampled from a wide variety of sources according to the conceptual investigations undertaken in the piece. In this way it is hoped that some of the wider themes explored in the piece might be suggested in a different way than is the case in the audio-only installation Note that the installation itself does not contain any imagery but rather only the sound you hear here.

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