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Energy Patterns

long time audio-visual collaboration with Paul Baker

(note link in player is just a sample)

This is the audio portion of a audio/video dvd released in a limited edition in 2008. This DVD consisted of 3 sections, this being the first, and somehow, main track. The video portion (not included here unfortunately) was created by Paul Baker. Paul and I spent many years in Texas exchanging ideas and teaching each other about sound, video, dumpster diving, hardware hacking, and surrealism. For now, this is just the audio, but hopefully at some point we can post the whole thing, intact with the video somewhere (all the tracks). It would also be nice to someday dig out our other collaborations....but in the meantime, just close your eyes.


released May 5, 2008

Energy Patterns was one result of years of friendship and collaboration between Paul Baker, from Austin, Texas and I. The main piece on the disk is Energy Patterns. The "B-side" is a collection of videos using music and video all reworked and remixed from our earlier days, when we were housemates in Fort Worth, Texas. Pieces of other projects such as Nuclear Nebraska can be found in this footage.

audio only version here:

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