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electronic music tape


by Core of the Coalman


Carnasie Up 29:24


Carnasie Down 25:15


These tracks originally appeared on a cassette released in 2007 on the Oakland, California micro-label Custodian Color Zoo Containers. The packaging was totally beautiful, there were three versions, as pictured here. Three insects printed in negative on black plastic. This tape is kind of a relative of rrrr and asolt musket, all of which were made around the same time. Whereas rrrr is more of an immersive texture, Carnasie is more of an object, occupying the center of the space, for example, and somehow always remaining external to the listener. You can feel the vibration with your skin possibly, but it is always outside of you.

The title of this tape, and of many of the tracks on AsoltMusket and Anxiety consists of me naming various families of my musical materials after various places on the map of new york city. I was spending a lot of time out there during these years and somehow simply merged the geography of the metro system metaphorically with the interconnectedness between various paths and areas I was developing musically.

The area going into Brooklyn on the L-line, for example, consisted of various intervallic families that I was working with, in which around a particular interval various other intervals were grouped in reference to the degree of complexity (the consonance or dissonance - or intensity of the vibration) with respect to the first interval, and musics using these materials were composed that way. Towards Long Island things got noisy, consisting of my experiments with circuit bending, more chaotic electronics, and finally by the time you get to Jersey we had full on feedback systems (like Passiac, which I played live quite a lot during this time). South from Brooklyn and towards the airport other families of interconnections are found, of which this tape was one.

With both this tape, and rrrr, I imagined sound masses with holes in them (these would be the areas where the aforementioned vibrations would cancel each other out or otherwise simply be absent). I wanted this to be felt by the creation of a dense sound mass. In the case of this tape, whose sides should be thought of as infinite (and I don't really remember if this order here is even correct, but probably), the object is before you, as it were, in a space. In For R (or "rrrr") the objects surrounds you as a cloud surrounds a plane.


released May 5, 2007

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