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multi-channel interactive tape installation

Unfortunately, a lot of information and even the scores of some of my earlier works are lost, suspended like in Leland Palmer in the Black Lodge. I hope to make a trip to California and try to recover some of this stuff someday. In the meantime, I will place bits and pieces of recordings, scores, and documentations here as placeholders. The complete picture may yet emerge, for me as much as for anyone else!

this piece consisted in a long tape loop on two reel to reel machines that were placed behind the audience at the Music at the Modern concert and activated when they began to applaud. Hearing the applause the audience continued to applaud and this went on for some time before they realized what was going on, and gradually stopped applauding. Meanwhile synthesizer tones and live tape manipulation where introduced and the piece became and encore early work...I need to try to find documentation when I am back in the states...premiered at the Music at the Modern concert that I curated at the Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas

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