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Box of the Last Help

electronic first/last-aid kit

New CD full length released on Zum Records from Oakland California. Features lattice pattern music akin to that found on Affinity Groups, though a bit starker...

just re-released by original label ZUM, get it here:

here is how they describe it:

Core Of The Coalman Box Of The Last Help zum027 CD

Epic recording from Jorge Boehringer documents his work with pattern music made with viola, electronics, and acoustic guitar. Current Prague resident Boehringer has performed under the moniker Core of the Coalman since 2004. Based in the Bay Area for most of the '00s, Boehringer would play everything from Noise Pancakes and gritty warehouses to Sf Sound Ensemble shows. His recorded resume includes the "End Grain/Spirograph" CDR (an unofficial Zum release), "Anxiety" on Resipiscent, and "Aggregate and Crackle" on Dylan Nyoukis' Chocolate Monk label. In addition to intensive touring of Europe and the UK (and appearing at Nyoukis' Colour Out Of Space Festival, opening for Deerhoof, etc), Boehringer has worked on theater sound design and in more "conventional" rock band formations (US Out Of Our Uterus, Treehugger, Brown Bunny Ensemble, Commode Minstrels in Bullface). "Box Of The Last Help" (the Czech term for a First Aid kit) works with extended repetitions that bring to mind Steve Reich tape experiments. Microtonal shifts occur and can be unsettling, nausea inducing, and relentlessly pretty all at once. Those familiar with his live sets may know these pieces, but to be taken as a whole, the album stands alone as a documentation of but one move in an overflowing sonic toolbag. Edition of 500 CDs with cover artwork made at Portland's Stumptown Printing.

1. Inertia II 2. Inertia I 3. Last Help (Prelude) 4. Last Help

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