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Appel Latch And Streaming

two pieces for solo viola

Appel Latch and Streaming

Two pieces for solo viola, 2015

Appel Latch and Streaming are two works generally grouped together because they were performed together throughout 2014-2015, during which time I toured extensively England and Ireland. I also performed these pieces in Finland. While during this time they were generally performed together I could imagine them performed separately.

​While Appel Latch (named for COBRA member Karel Appel) is too long for me to memorize, Streaming consists of modules that can be repeated freely in performance, with the performer choosing the number of repeats to enact.

Thus, I often have performed this piece from memory or from the sketches shown below.

A more formalized score for Streaming that takes into account this possibility of flexible numbers of repeats is also linked below.

Appel Latch was the first piece performed in which my technique of diagonal metamorphosis was introduced.

The score exists in several forms and versions and some performances have also been enacted from sketches. This is indicative of the nature of this work in progress.

A formalized score, recently not used in performance, attached to set of sketches more often used live!

No recording of these pieces is "conclusive" but here, on this page, live some live enactments.

Download PDF • 552KB

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