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a sound for r

...this version is slightly different than what was released on the Two Thousand Tapes release, which happened in 2008 or 2009.

This was the original piece, all one long track, a cousin to Carnasie, only where that behaved like a sort of crystal in the center of the room, shining, but always something very much external, this piece is more immersive in texture. The principal, however, is similar, a couple of massive chords sliding past each other. The chords where designed not for the notes included but the notes excluded, so we hear as "figure" the negative space (which is why you can hear the beating frequencies so well despite the density - it is pretty dense but there are spaces), and the "ground" as the sonic carpet. This is obviously in contrast to some typical conceptions of music where what is played is the music and the melody is the foreground.

The Two Thousand Tapes version, was a division and a shortening of this work. I cut it in half, superimposed some parts of the texture, and then changed how the volume progressed and decayed. Actually, the tape mix was denser than this one, and in two parts (hence the title, one third of the original is incorporated into the center of the new mix, divided into two tracks, and new volume envelopes constructed), but because of the re-shaping of the overall envelopes, it didn't seem disturbingly dense or harsh, rather, simply everywhere.

If I can ever locate the original tape masters I will upload them too, and we will be able to hear the difference in the two mixes.

This is the only release here that I have had to upload in FLAC rather than WAV due to size restrictions. Hope the resolution seems ok to you.


released January 1, 2007

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