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High Arches

actions for two amplified instruments

High Arches

Instrumentation Variable

(Originally For Trombone, Viola, and Electronics)


Part of a series of pieces composed for an improvisational performance duo of myself (viola and electronics) and Sofie Cooper (trombone and electronics). For each of our performances, I devised a different fixed media recording made from sine tones defining simple and concrete formal shapes and a graphic score which indicated what material was available to each of us for each moment of performance. Our playing consisted of long, sustained tones which we modulated both electronically and physically. These tones interacted with the sine tone aggregates broadcast from loudspeakers (the fixed media recordings mentioned above) resulting in a highly colourful mass of beat frequencies that spatialized itself, moving about the room due to interferences created by our interventions, and resonances within spaces where we enacted the works.

The score for this piece, and the others in this series of pieces, consists of both notation and an audio file.

please contact me should you want to perform this piece, the audio score available upon request.

The score of each of the works in this group may be transposed for other instruments assuming that the pitches are in C in the version given here. Adapting these pieces to new spaces and instrumental colours should be a revealing activity. Consider the recorded parts as a guide to create resonant instrumental spaces between them and the sound they excite in a particular room.

Download PDF • 509KB

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