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Archipelago in Natural Colours, volume 1

binaural plastic sound disk


Between 2017 and 2020 I created several multichannel sound environments in slightly different versions all called Island in Natural Colours (or with slight variations thereof). I have since binaurally remixed the audio from these installation environments, from 25.4 (25 surround speakers and 4 subwoofers) to stereo, across a series of albums to be released as different islands within this archipelago. The experience is different, obviously, and yet I think that these stereo tracks do convey something of the colour and texture of these installations, while creating circumstances of their own. The map is not exact.

While some of these tracks function with semi-normalcy as music, others are rather suggestive of environments. Perhaps even environments for sleeping.

My intention was that listeners might treat the album as an installation, perhaps even as with Eric Satie's notion of Furniture Music: just let it live with them, and live in it for a while. There isn't a lot of figure, but the ground is ever-changing. As with the installation, the central idea was that listeners would visit this island that would walk around them, rather than what normally happens on a visit to an island (you walk around it). Dropping in and out., playing on repeat for weeks, or listening to the tracks in random orders are all recommended activities. Reflections encourage the possibility of surprise and possible readings.

You are invited to visit.


released June 4, 2020

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