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Amphibious Radost

electronic music sound disk

Released by Kirigirisu Recordings, Japan:

"Amphibious Radost was recorded in the basement of Jakub Grosz's family's cottage in Vsenory, Czech Republic. Jakub and I had been going there often to discuss and experiment with our ideas for new approaches for working with sound and images and thinking about the nature of the universe, and the nature of nature. Its easier to think about that when you are surrounded by beautiful wildness, than in the city...Anyway, an invitation came to make a long piece for Darina Alster, a radical body and performance artist in Czech Republic. Since the performance would last about an hour and I didn't want the sound to repeat (well...its sort of funny that, because it SOUNDS like it repeats, but it doesn't, exactly...) I designed a slowly unfolding process with several layers. One of the layers, the viola pizzicato, has a slowly unfolding process of permutation between the notes in the bass and "melodic" lines. Another, the ring-modulated insects, follows a different process of augmentation and unfolding, sort of like a noise-canon. The wrap and unwrap around and in relation to one another, and seem to be moving all the time, yet somehow also staying very still. Its like an illusion, or a resistance against the flow of time. It moves, but remains in place, almost as if to compensate for the incessant movement of time everywhere." Jorge Boehringer, Core Of The Coalman

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