Island in Natural Colours

environmental sound situation


Island in Natural Colors, 1898 is a four hour and twenty minute sound environment.  It may be installed as a loop or as a series or single instance of singular events.  Each visit constitutes a visit to the island, and therefore visitors should be allowed to move about freely, with speakers configured around and above them. 

Installation Instructions (Score) Island in Natural Colours

(This binaural recording was made in the 25.4-channel Spatialisation and Interactive Research Lab (SPIRAL) at the University of Huddersfield, so hopefully while a massive reduction from real space to a couple of ‘cans’ it will give a sense of the piece).  Also these excerpted "islands" sort of focus on some of the synthetic elements of the piece.  See the recordings at Small Island in Ideal Colours II and Small Island in Ideal Colours 1898 for examples of some of the other terrain.




































programme note:

Flocks of swarming synthetic sounds, and fields of zero-scale chromatic diamonds are situated within contradictory and evolving sound spaces, accompanied by bucolic readings selected from the 1898 edition of the journal Birds and All Nature in Natural Colors and The Ecological Encyclopedia of Animals Movements. At times these are cross-pollinated with real and imagined sources of environmental sounds, to include mathematics.

An extended commentary on this piece can be downloaded here.

























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