The Future of American Transportation


The Future of American Transportation is an opera written by Jorge Boehringer that was performed in 2000 at Mills College in Oakland, California. A movement can be heard here.

Due to my many moves, I have little documentation of this work, as is the case with many of my works from this period.

If any one has anything, however fragmentary, I would be greatful if you would please get in touch!

In the meantime, I can offer this brief audio excerpt of the piece.

I hope to someday recover recordings and video tapes that I have stored in a secret cave near the California coast, and once I have convinced the guardians that dwell there that it is, in fact, really me, return with the precious media.

The was also a later film by the same title, that is both a prequel and a sequel to the opera. I can only hope that the vultures have not picked completely dry the adats and digital video cassettes that the original media was stuck to.