Suspended Upper Bank

1 hr, fixed media sound and single-channel video


Drawing on conceptions of suspension from both inside and outside of music, Suspended Upper Bank presents an extended and circular chain of suspended harmonies performed in sine tones, with a video of slowly moving clouds (themselves composed of suspended water vapor).

The recording was realized in real time, by performing the audio of the work live in one of the University of Huddersfield’s EMS studios while recording the simultaneous cloud activity out the window.

This work foreshadows several key of my forthcoming research interests and highlights approaches to temporality, harmony, and form present in my several of my portfolio pieces1. However, in Suspended Upper Bank these concerns are presented with nothing else distract from the experience of themselves as sounds. The skin of the sound is the form in its moment.

This piece works well as a linear video or infinitely, as presented in installation.






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