Small Island in Ideal Colours II

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Small Island in Ideal Colours II is a shorter and more linear, musical, tour of my larger environmental sound situation Island in Ideal Colours (a smaller island).  Therefore, I include the programme note from the earlier, larger-scale work here:

Island in Ideal Colors, 1898 is a four hour and twenty minute 24-speaker piece.  Flocks of swarming synthetic sounds and fields of zero-scale chromatic diamonds are situated within contradictory and evolving sound spaces accompanied by bucolic selections from the 1898 edition of the journal Birds and All Nature in Ideal Colors and The Ecological Encyclopedia of Animals Movements.  These are at times cross-pollinated with real and imagined sources of environmental sounds, to include mathematics.

This binaural recording was made in the 25.4-channel Spatialisation and Interactive Research Lab (SPIRAL) at the University of Huddersfield, so hopefully while a massive reduction from real space to a couple of ‘cans’ it will give a sense of the piece.  However, it is important to keep in mind that such a reduction from a spatialized sound environment to a binaural recording can be compared to looking at a black and white photograph of a painting in a book.  It is still an experience, but a different one than in space and in natural colour.




Small Island in Ideal Colours II received its premier at the 2018 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (//hcmf) Electric Spring Festival, in the Spatialization and Interactive Research Lab (SPIRAL) at the University of Huddersfield. This concert took place February 20, 2019.












































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Small Island in Ideal Colours II - Jorge Boehringer
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