Son of Waterbull

Solo for wood block and sine wave



















Son of Waterbull is a solo for wood block and sine wave without a performer.

A Pure Data (Pd) patch eternally struggles to establish equilibrium through a sequence of actions and an internal sensor system.  A small motor causes the frog-woodblock to be struck over and over on the nose.  A contact mic picks up picks up this activity.  With each received hit, the tempo is increased by 1 ms.  Furthermore, the current tempo is stepped up into the audio frequency range to proportionally a high pitch, several octaves above the percussive activity on the nose, and this is emitted from a transducer located under the frog’s hindquarters.  This goes on forever.

The video above situations Son of Waterbull in the context of our larger-scale collaborative installation Abiogenesis Begins With A Single Step on the Road to Nowhere, created by myself in collaboration with Pascal Silondi, Jakub Grosz, Eleanor Cully and students of the University of Huddersfield for Electric Spring Festival 2017.  Documentation from this is also included below:






















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